Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have made some of these Nativity scenes
Using pure New Zealand wool
I am looking for Christmas presents for family and friends
New Zealand is now starting to look ahead to Spring and Summer
If you have something nice to the value of $40
I will swap this Nativity scene with you
Just email me

Love and light  Marie


  1. Marie, that is beautiful! I don't know if I have anything you are looking for, but, feel free to peruse my shop and see if there is anything (or a few things) you like to swap it for.

  2. I love that Nativity scene. Sadly I don't think I have anything worth $40 to swap for it.

  3. this set is so sweet! we do not yet have a nativity scene and i would be honored if our first was from your gifted hands. if you still have some available we can talk about what i could swap you. hope you are well! xoxo rae

  4. Your nativity set is lovely. We just bought a hand carved set this past spring, but I had to leave a comment because yours is so lovely. Take care. You have such skill. I wish you lived closer so I could ask you to show me how to make people, and so I could give you a hug in person :) Take care.

  5. Hello Marie,
    I love your nativity scene! It is so serene!

    Love, Gera

  6. What a beautiful scene!
    Greetings Severine

  7. This set is very beautiful! It's not in my beliefs to put one under a tree, but maybe I could offer them to my in-laws. I think this value more then 40$, however!
    Tell me if you'd like anything I can make :)

  8. I am always up for a swap Maire, and I love this!!
    Kim x