Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Putting my Etsy shop on Vacation

I am putting my Etsy shop on vacation
I can no longer guarantee that items will arrive at their destination in time for Christmas
I do however still have my New Zealand shop,  "Felt" open for business,  for New Zealand Customers.
I have been amazed at the amount of Nativity set orders that I have had.
And if you did miss out on one, I plan to re list them for a New Years special.

Love and light  Marie


  1. My nativity set I purchased last week has just arrived, and we love it so so much! We've just been trying to decide where to put it, I will post some pictures of it on my blog soon, I will let you know when I do - you are so so clever.
    xx Hanna

  2. Many thanks Hanna, glad that you liked the Nativity Scene, they are a joy to make at this time of the year, a little bit of calm, in my busy life. cheers Marie

  3. This is a lovely piece Marie. You have such an amazing talent, enjoy your rest from Etsy.

  4. Love this piece as well. Lovely atmosphere!

  5. Hi, Marie!!! I hope all is well and that a rest will do you good! love, Beth