Saturday, February 6, 2010

Staint Francis and the Birds

The sun shone down into the forest
Its golden rays created a warm yellow glow around St Francis's halo
He loved to wander in the woods and feed the birds
He always carried some breadcrumbs in his pocket
He loved listening to their sweet bird song
It filled him with joy.

Cheers and happy wanderings, Marie


  1. This one is beautiful! We love to feed the birds here. :)

  2. I love your St. Francis, he's wonderful. I hope you are having a nice summer- right now I have two feet of snow in my yard and we are currently getting another 6-10 inches by morning!Brrrrrrrr!

  3. Oh, your work is so beautiful. This St. Francis is just precious. Warm regards from cold Canada. Luciana

  4. What a wonderful talent - your St Francis is so lovely. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. I love it so much! Saint Francis is my favorite and this is just beautiful!
    Wonderful work!

    Blessings and light,
    Happy Valentines Day!

  6. p.s. Will you be making more for Etsy? :)

  7. Wow, I love it, thanks so much for directing me here! I may use this as insipiration for our own wool picture when we revisite St Francis (via a story about him and a wolf) at the end of our Western European block.